Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Trial Run

I'm trying a new edit to make the picture better on this blog....so let's see how it goes.  Thanks Cam and Mandy for being my guinea pigs....even though you didn't know you were.

here's edited for the web;

and here is the original edited image;

which one looks better to you? Can you even see a difference? This is all new to me but I'd like for the previews here to look a little better than they do. Although it's kind of nice when people come over for edit's that they are pleasantly surprised that their photos look better on my screen than they did on the web.  Hmmm, that might not be the best marketing strategy, "AlaMODE photography, Tara actually does better than you think." I'll keep working on it.


deannah said...

Gorgeous!! Yes, I can see a difference between the two. The one edited for the web has greater color saturation so it definitely pops more. Great shot, I love it!

AlaModePhotography said...

Thanks Deannah! I'll keep doing it then before I post them. You're a peach!!

Juli said...

I loved your marketing slogan. Fabulous. Made me laugh out loud. Anyway, I agree with Deannah, photo number one was noticeably more colorful. Great work, amazing girl!