Saturday, January 24, 2009

Beach Babies

This beach shoot was hilarious. It was New Years Day and La Jolla was so crowded!! We drove around for almost an hour trying to find a place to park, and then had to hike in to the cove. It was well worth it though!! These spirited boys had so much fun looking at all the goings on at the beach and as long as we didn't have their feet in the sand they were willing to look at me and sometimes even smile!!


Luisa said...

I am so happy you finally decided to share your website with others!! I love the header. . .loooooooooove it! Thanks for the beach shoot!! :)

The Casingers said...

Very cool Tara!! I didn't know that you were that interested in photography. I just started classes at an art school to learn all the important stuff about photography. So far it's totally fun! What kind of camera are you using?

Kelsey said...

So when you gonna do my family? I seriously need some updated pics of the kids...let me know when your free...maybe sometime this month?